While it's still sort of uncertain as to when the NBA offseason will officially begin as far as free agency is concerned, there is no denying that some big movement is about to take place. The season officially begins on December 22nd and in just six short weeks, fans are expecting to see a league that looks quite different from what it does now.

Every single offseason, the New York Knicks make the claim that they have some big moves in place. Last summer, they thought they were going to get Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Of course, they got none of these players. Now, it's being reported that the team wants to get Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Melo would prefer to go to the Knicks as long as they get Paul. However, even if Paul isn't an option, they will still go hard after Carmelo in the offseason.

Chris Paul & Carmelo Anthony

Harry How/Getty Images

Per Berman:

"The Knicks still plan to pursue ex-Knick Carmelo Anthony even if they can’t pull off a trade for his buddy Chris Paul. The Post has reported Anthony would be eager to join the Knicks if they land Paul."

Considering this is the Knicks, the chances of the team landing both players is slim but in the year 2020, anything is possible.