Back in April the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player, Carmelo Anthony, and wife La La announced their separation after rumours that he impregnated a stripper. Since then, there's  been talks of them hashing things out but nothing's been confirmed. “Only I know what’s going on with my relationship and that’s what matters to me, not what everybody else thinks … When it’s time for the world to know, they’ll know," La La said.

There's a strong chance that the duo are in fact trying again as Carmelo posted a photo on Valentine's Day of he and La La with the caption, "MINE FOREVER!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to MY WIFE @lala.”

There's no word on when the photo was taken and La La didn't follow-up with any post saluting Carmelo. La La simply shared pics of her attendance to New York Fashion week alongside friend Kelly Rowland

La La and Carmelo share a 10-year-old son together and the former MTV VJ said as parents, their number one goal is that their child is "is healthy and happy."

“I will do whatever I can to ensure that, and my husband is the exact same way," she told People. “We made a commitment to create an environment so he is happy and smiling and laughing living a 10-year-old life.”