Carmelo Anthony has announced that he is joining LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, sparking an uproar on Twitter amongst NBA fans. Users were left debating whether this makes the Lakers the title favorite going into next season.

"Damn Lakers, got AD, Westbrook, and Melo. Lebron collecting free agents like they infinity stones," one fan joked.

Lakers, Melo, LeBron
Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

With the addition of Westbrook as well as Anthony, many fans are predicting a Lakers-Nets NBA Finals collision course.

One fan explained: "If the Lakers and Nets don’t make the finals this year, it’ll be the biggest busts in NBA history. Both teams have superstar Big 3’s, amazing depth, quality on both ends of the floor and competent coaching. No excuses anymore, finals or embarrassment for these superteams."

"Wasn’t a fan of the Russ deal for the Lakers but adding some defense in Howard and Ariza with some shooting with Monk, Melo and Bazemore makes them the favorite out west right now in my opinion," another fan wrote. "Health is their biggest hurdle."

Even Stephen A. Smith posted a video on Twitter reacting to the news, in which he says he's "rooting for the Lakers, now more than ever."

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