Carmelo Anthony has been one of the leading voices in the NBA over the last few years when it comes to speaking on topics involving racial inequality. Melo understands that he has a massive platform to enact change, and he continues to make sure he optimizes his platform to the best of his ability. For instance, during the recent protests, Anthony was one of the players who contemplated sitting out and he believed it was more important to advocate for equal rights, then it was to win an NBA championship.

Now, Anthony and his son Kiyan are being featured on the cover of the legendary SLAM magazine. This latest issue is going to be all about racial inequality, and Melo is even a guest editor. Clearly, SLAM felt as though Melo's voice was an important one to share, and now he is able to bring his vision to life throughout the pages of the magazine.

As it stands, it appears as though Melo will, in fact, be joining his teammates in Orlando, Florida. The Trail Blazers are ninth in the Western Conference and are currently on the playoff bubble. If they want any chance at cracking the postseason, they will need Melo to be in top form.