Just after getting bounced in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers and their 36-year-old leader set out to re-build their roster to get back to the NBA Finals. However, in addition to adding star point guard Russell Westbrook, the Lakers signed Carmelo AnthonyRajon Rondo, Dwight HowardDeAndre Jordan and a handful of other vets leading fans and media members across the country to ask: is this team just too old?

It's a valid question, especially with the Lakers roster boasting an average age above 30 (they are the oldest team in the league), but one Laker vet isn't paying too much attention to it. 

"You guys are baiting people to start a debate," Melo said. "It's all about debate. We get it." 

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Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Speaking to Complex about his new book Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised, Melo had more to say about the buzz surrounding his new team. 

"This is what you guys have to do. We understand that and we laugh at it ... everybody on the outside have their opinions about it and we're the ones who know who we are," Melo added. "We know what we have to do. We know how we going to do it. Those are the things we have to deal with. So it's easy for the outsiders or naysayers to give their overall perspective and it's very opinionated." 

While Anthony has yet to win an NBA Championship, he has nearly two decades of experience in the league and knows sometimes the best course of action is to simply block all the noise out. Despite their old age, all the vets on this upcoming Lakers team have meaningful playoff or championship experience under their belts and seem committed to playing their roles to achieve the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, however, Father Time is undefeated and there is a real possibility that the Lakers run out of gas along the way. Obviously we'll have to wait and see what happens but what do you think? Are the Lakers too old to compete for a title this season? Do they have what it takes to play into those late playoff rounds? Let us know in the comments.