In most people's eyes, Carmelo Anthony is the greatest player to ever lace 'em up for the Denver Nuggets. The early stages of his career were filled with dominance in Denver and he even led the team to their first Western Conference Finals appearance in 24 years. It's impossible to deny the impact Melo had on the franchise, even if he had a falling out with them towards the end when he wanted to go and play with the New York Knicks.

While Melo has acknowledged the Nuggets, Denver has done everything in its power to erase Melo from their history. This was on full display today when the Nuggets took to Twitter with a graphic, asking fans to name their favorite Nuggets player of all-time. Melo was left off of the photo, completely.

Immediately upon posting this, fans were livid as they took to the comments section to scold the team for not including Melo, after everything he was able to accomplish with the team. Some fans defended the Nuggets noting Melo didn't even want to be in Denver. Regardless, this is a pretty bad look that makes the Nuggets seem petty.

You can see how fans reacted, below.