Carmelo Anthony has been one of the most vocal players in the NBA when it comes to social issues and this past week, his voice was needed more than ever as the players went on strike in light of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. While the players are set to resume play today, it is clear that what they did had an impact as the league is now looking to implement some real change at the legislative level. In fact, some teams are even going to turn their arenas into voting locations.

On the Blazers team website, Anthony spoke on the players' meeting and explained how it all went down. As he noted, not everyone had the same opinion, however, it was a respectful discussion that was had for the greater good.

Carmelo Anthony

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Per Anthony:

“Look, we got together, we had conversations, we had dialog. We had very open and honest dialog with all the guys that was here. Now was everybody on the same page? No, everybody has they own opinions, everybody has they own feelings and they own things that they stand on and they believe in. But for the sake of this NBA and our players and our union, we decided as a unit to come back and play. Again, we all have our different opinions, our different takes on it, but I think overall, we’re doing it for the greater good of what we have and what we started and what we’ve accomplished and just being able to continue to use our platform and to speak out and bring awareness of a lot of the different issues that’s happening out there in our community. Also along those lines, nobody knows what’s going to happen after this.”

Tonight, Melo will be back on the court with the Blazers as they look to fend off elimination at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers.