Carnage Opens Up About "Battered, Bruised, & Bloody", Lil B & More

Mitch Findlay
April 16, 2018 13:25

Carnage reveals what it was like to craft his most versatile album yet.

In the wake of Battered, Bruised & Bloody, we have the honor of sitting down with Carnage for an extensive conversation. "This album is for me to just flex, and like, show people if you give me a little time I can make something really dope," says Carnage. "There are songs on the album made two years ago. There's a song that was made a month ago...It feels good." He also opens up about why he made Battered, Bruised & Bloody, explaining "I did it for myself more, cause I been wanting to like, make this type of music and have a platform big enough to really express myself. I could have done it on the last album but nobody would have given a fuck." 

"Everything is a vibe," says Carnage. "It's more cohesive than my last album. It's kinda hard, but I have a little cult following who just enjoys everything." On the flip side, he has little patience for those who are more close minded. "The people who scream about how they're so diverse, the majority of time they're the people who are really closed minded."

For those day one fans, Carnage also reveals a little bit about his relationship with Lil B, which dates back almost ten years. "I produced another song with B, it was on one of his Myspace pages, when he had like 100," laughs Carnage. "Protect Lil B at all costs."

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