Remember "Tiger King?" That documentary that was extremely popular back in March when the pandemic first started? Well, if you don't remember it, then you're doing better than those of us who do. Of course, one of the stars of the documentary was none other than Carole Baskin who was the archnemesis of Joe Exotic. Baskin is seen as an advocate for big cats and when she sees them being used as props, she always has something to say about it.

In fact, her latest crusade is against the likes of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion who recently dropped their provocative new music video for "WAP." The music video features multiple cameos and even has some big cats for good measure. While speaking to TMZ, Baskin claimed that she was upset with both artists for their use of the big cats. As she explains, the use of exotic cats in the music video will entice fans to go out and get big cats of their own, which is problematic.

Baskin also believes the artists were working with one of the big cat zoos from "Tiger King," specifically Doc Antle's, although there is no way to tell for sure. Either way, Basking clearly doesn't care for Cardi B or Meg's use of animals in the music video.

As for the lyrics and imagery of the song, Baskin has yet to give her opinion on that.