After two weekends of games, the Alliance of American Football has impressed fans with some pretty high-intensity football. While the league has endured some growing pains, people seem pretty interested thus far with the games being broadcast on CBS. However, a report from The Athletic says the league has actually been running short on cash and risked not being able to pay its players. That all changed though with the announcement that Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon would be investing $250 million into the league. He will also become the Chairman of the league's Board of Directors.

"This was a terrific opportunity for Tom to expand his investment in the sports world," Hurricanes president and general manager Don Waddell explained in a press release. "The AAF is off to an exciting start as a league and was founded on some truly unique and groundbreaking concepts. Tom is excited about the direction of the Carolina Hurricanes and remains fully committed to this franchise's current and future success in Raleigh."

Ronald Cortes/AAF/Getty Images

The next few weeks will be key for the AAF as they try to boost attendance and build fanbases for the eight teams in their league.

Have you been watching the games? What do you think of the new league?