As the case against Casanova builds, the rapper's wife is questiioning where all of their so-called friends have run off to. Two weeks ago, Casanova 2x surrendered himself over to federal authorities after it was announced that he'd been hit with charges related to alleged gang activity and drug trafficking. The rapper was just one of 18 arrests connected to the case, and on Monday (December 14), his wife Swaggy Jazzy took to her Instagram Story to lament over fair-weather friends.

"I never seen so make fake friends in my life!" she wrote. "When everything's good it's a million people calling soon as sh*t go left the phone stop ringing! Where everybody at that was screaming 2x? Lol." This isn't the first time Swaggy Jazzy as taken to social media to share her thoughts about Casanova's case. We previously reported on a video that began circulating that was allegedly of her best friend naming Casanova during a police  interrogation. Jazzy later stated that it was unrelated to this current case.

“I’m going through a stressful time right now and I would appreciate if y’all stop tagging me and speaking on stuff y’all don’t know about," she wrote earlier this month. "Not everything you see in the media is true. And that video that’s being posted is old and don’t have anything to do with this case or why my husband is locked up.”

“I appreciate all the positive messages everyone is sending me and I just want to let y’all know that me, my daughter and Cas is good," she added at the time. "My husband is innocent until proven guilty remember that!” We'll keep you updated with more on Casanova's case as it's revealed.

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