Brooklyn rapper Casanova is clearly getting his label situation in order, as he revealed in a recent interview with DJ Nina 9 on Sirius XM's Hip-Hop Nation that he's got deals worked out with both Roc Nation as well as Def Jam.

Casanova's recent single "Set Trippin," the track presumably aimed at fellow New York rapper 6ix9ine over his blood affiliations, has been offering him a lot of buzz lately, as well as a pair of remixes from New York power couple Papoose and Remy Ma. It seems that that was enough for him to receive offers from both labels.

When asked about the situation, Casanova answers that he "can't reveal the cheat codes" of his multiple label deals, but said that while he was "with" Roc Nation, the music would be going through Def Jam. When pressed a little further, he agrees with Nina when she asks if Roc Nation is handling the management while Def Jam is doing the distribution.

Speaking of which, he also mentions that he's got a project coming out, most likely in June. When asked about whether is was an album or a mixtape, Casanova responds with, "I dont wan't to call it the wrong thing and get shot." How someone can get shot over calling their own tape the wrong thing is anybody's guess.

You can peep the full radio interview with Casanova down below, or if you're impatient, can can skip to 5:30 where he talks about his interesting label situation in more detail.