Casanova shared some insight into his relationship with fellow New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine after simmering in introspection. The "STOOPID" rapper's recent run-in with the feds and his following imprisonment led Casanova to be thankful for ending their feud without bloodshed. At one point, their exchanges became so fierce that many thought Casanova would put 6ix9ine in his grave. Casanova breaks down their tumultuous interactions in with the clarity of hindsight. 

He posted a video of the former enemies squashing their beef back in May 2018. His caption details his reflection within the context of 6ix9ine's current legal issues. Casanova expressed his belief that Tekashi is good kid who got caught in a situation for which he was ill-equipped. His lengthy upload is available after the jump.

 Bob Levey/Getty Images

"Looking back at this night, it was one of the defining moments of my life as a man. I was faced with a Dilemma,a life changing decision I had to make...should I do something to him ,end everything right now and go to jail or should I look him in his eyes talk to him like a man and give him a way out...I was waiting to catch him lacking for weeks and months and i finally did the devil placed him right in my hands..if u would of seen how it unfolded u would understand why I did what I did.i had to play chess not checkers....after my first look in his eyes upclose and reading his body language I understood he was a mislead good kid and he didn’t know what he was signing up for."

Casanova recalls the tension that grasped them and built up prior to that sobering moment.

"Before this happened I had people try to belittle my gangsta, clubs stop booking me, DJ’s stop playin my music, homies turn they back on me, people tryin to throw batteries in my back praying i crash out," he typed. "Even after we squashed it people was mad at me. even tho I made that decision thinking for me and others..I realized negativity will override positive VIBEZ anyday..the people that wanted me to win was happy while the people that wanted me to fail was mad..while everyone wanted to kill him people thought I would be there sacrifice and savior and do it.but how can u use me as a pawn when I’m a king‼️"

His renewed perspective defines his ultimate decision as more honorable within hood politics. Killing his young rival would have been a foolish mistake.

"Fast forward to now the same way everyone is calling him stupid and bashing him is the same way ya would of been doin me even if I would of went out like a 'G' but in all actuality I did go out like a 'G' I thought and use my brain..and I’m here free to talk about next move will b my power move‼️stay tuned..JUST REMEMBER THERE IS NO DOUBLING BACK FOR THE ONES THAT TURNT THEY BACK‼️‼️AND FOR THE RECORD I STILL DONT WANNA B THE KING OF NEW YORK...NEW YORK IS PUSSY‼️‼️"