The death of Pop Smoke has sent many rappers, particularly those with street ties and gang affiliations, into a reflective state. With newly-emerging details indicating that Smoke was targeted in a hit, the conversation surrounding security in hip-hop has only intensified. Fellow New York rapper Casanova, who actually found himself embroiled in a brief misunderstanding with Smoke, decided to instill some wisdom upon those who might find themselves on a rapid ascent to hip-hop stardom.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

"MAN TO ALL UPCOMING RAPPERS FUCK WHAT THE LABEL SAY ROLL WITH YOUR N***AS EVERYWHERE YOU GO," he writes, in an IG story grabbed by Akademiks. "IF IT AINT NO ROOM FOR THEM IT AINT NO ROOM FOR YOU PERIOD." While not making direct reference to Pop Smoke, it's clear his words (including the typo he corrected in a comment) are in part inspired by the tragic incident. Whether you choose to read deeper into his message is entirely up to you.

Either way, his implication that labels dissuade young rappers from keeping an entourage in their circle remains troubling; some labels seem content to make money off cultural movements like trap music and drill while cherry-picking certain tamer and more "marketable" elements. One has to wonder if Pop Smoke's death might have been avoidable under different circumstances. For now, Casanova has made it clear where he stands -- strength in numbers.