He's once again calling out people in his life who said they would be by his side but have somehow failed him. Casanova surrendered himself over to federal authorities back in early December, and since that time, both he and his wife Jasmere Corbett, also known as Swaggy Jazzy, have taken to the internet to air out their grievances. Weeks after his arrest, Jazzy posted about "fake friends" who haven't been attentive, and yesterday (March 14), Casanova hopped on Twitter with a thought about those who have mysteriously gone missing since he's been locked up.

Casanova, Jail, Friends, Bond, Trafficking
Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

"IF YOU AIN’T SEND ME NO MONEY OR CHECK IN ON ME AND YOU SUPPOSEDLY MY MANS, SUCK MY DICK‼️‼️‼️AND THAT GOES FOR ANYBODY!" Casavona tweeted. In January, the rapper received the unfortunate news that he was denied bond, but Casanova remains optimistic that he will be found not guilty. Prosecutors allege that Casanova is a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation and have accused the rapper of drug trafficking along with various other charges.

This latest tweet follows Casanova's previous venting episode at the end of February where he complained that people are saying "free me on the internet" but haven't visited him in jail when he's only an hour away. Check out his latest tweet below and let us know who you think he's referring to.