Just before the holidays, the FBI issued a warrant for Casanova's arrest in connection to guns and racketeering charges. The rapper's accused of being an active member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation. Authorities claimed that he was "trafficking cocaine and marijuana." He's maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal but still, he was denied bond.

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His team has been communicating messages on his behalf as he remains behind bars. The rapper's shared a few thoughts for his fans, especially when it comes to staying down and loyalty. This week, the rapper took to Twitter where he, once again, maintained his innocence but he had a message for his fans: What would you do in his shoes?

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"I always told myself l was never going back to jail...since I'm innocent l turned myself in what would u have done if u was in my shoes???...Comment below," he tweeted. Some people suggested that they would've done the race like Tay-K while others went on to either question how he managed to get his hands on a phone or accuse him of snitching, though there's no substance either of these allegations.

"You're a street dude asking the opinion of internet weirdos that never jaywalked across a street. Go with your heart and mind. Stay blessed you will get through this," one fan wrote before more fans offered positive messages and encouragement for Cas during this time. Peep some of the responses below.