The Flordia rapper Glokknine, who has a haircut and voice like Kodak Black, has just signed a deal with Cash Money Records. Although there are has been no news about how much it's worth or what the terms are, both Glokknine and Birdman took to Instagram to post about the signing. Glokknine posted a photo of him on the couch between Birdman and Ronald "Slim" Williams with the caption "CMRG/AFNF Cashmoney Republic Records New Artist Yessir ❤️💚5️⃣🐍."

Bridman posted a video of the young rapper signing pages of the deal while someone out of frame flipped through the pages of the contract. A voice can be heard saying "two down, two to go" as the pages turn and Glokknine signs. Commenters on the post expressed worry that the rapper appeared to be signing the contract with out reading it in full and that he could end up like Lil Wayne, losing out on a lot of money and having the release of his album delayed. 

Glokknine has released two tapes this year, Bloodshells and Revenge and Loyalty Kill Love, both of which you can stream below: