Cassie & G-Eazy Link Up For New Music Video "Love A Loser"

Kevin Goddard
October 11, 2017 04:20

Check out Cassie's new video for "Love A Loser" featuring G-Eazy.

It had been over 4 years since we last heard anything new from R&B songstress Cassie, but thankfully that drought ended back in August when she released a new Ben Billions and Danny Boy-produced single called “Love A Loser” with G-Eazy. Having been relatively quiet since then, Cassie returned to the scene last week with a 10-minute short film called Cassie, which she has now turned into shortened music video for the film's soundtrack "Love A Loser."

Directed by Harrison Boyce, the video opens up with Cassie and her on-screen love interest (played by Gazi Ghost) reflecting on his upbringing in the projects of Paris. From there though, the couple go on a wild ride, hitting up the desert motel and showing us the up & downs of their relationships. From making love to constantly fighting, Cassie questions whether or not she should love him or leave  him alone. “I would rather lose a lover than to love a loser,” she sings. G-Eazy on the other hand comes in for his respective verse and posts up at the motel to reflect on some past relationships of his own.

Cassie debuted the video on “TRL” yesterday where she also spoke on the short film. “I wanted to do something different from a regular music video, which I still have,” she said. “But I worked with Harrison Boyce, he directed it, and I really enjoyed being part of it.”

The record itself is expected to appear on Cassie’s forthcoming sophomore album, her first since her 2006 debut. No word yet when that'll be arriving, but she did say it was about 70% done in a recent interview with Power106.

Check out the official video (above) and look out for details on her next album to hopefully surface sooner than later, as well as a follow up single for that matter.

Record available now on iTunes.

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