Cassie and Diddy have been all over the news recently and it's not because they've gotten back together. When the couple broke up earlier this year, it shocked so many of us. They had been together for a decade and Cassie seemingly put her career to the side to focus on building a life with Puff. Now that she's been posting up with Alex Fine, her new man, Cassie decided to ease herself back into work, showing up for a studio session on her Instagram page.

There have been reports that claim Diddy is feeling betrayed after finding out that Cassie cheated on him with a trainer that he hired for her. Alex Fine was being paid to train Cassie and now the two are together, which seemingly hurts Diddy. Regardless of whether or not that's true, Cassie may be preparing herself to get some break-up anthems off her chest.

A recent addition to her IG story shows her in the studio with a few other artists and many are thinking a comeback could be in order. It's been such a long time since Cassie has gotten serious about her music so this is a great first step toward what we may be looking at in the future.

Are you here for new Cassie?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images