Gayle King bringing up Kobe Bryant's rape allegations in an interview with WNBA player, Lisa Leslie, has resulted in a huge controversy. Controversies tend to escalate to huge proportions in the age of social media, but also tend to die down just as quickly. However, in the case of King's controversy, the vitriol against her reached became so intense that reactions and concerns have been lingering for days. The CBS This Morning host has reportedly been receiving violent threats from people who were angered by her disrespecting the legacy of Bryant while the world was mourning his recent passing. 

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

CBS News President Susan Zirinsky came to King's defence in a statement made to the Associated Press. “We fully support Gayle King and her integrity as a journalist,” Zirinsky said. “We find the threats against her or any journalist doing their job reprehensible. The interview with Lisa Leslie was comprehensive and thoughtful. We are a country where differences of opinion are welcome, but hateful and dangerous threats are completely unacceptable.”

Snoop Dogg was one of the public figures who harshly criticized King for her interview question, but he has since clarified that he did not intend to promote any violence with his message.