It's unfortunate when longstanding friendships come to an end, but it's even more devastating when it occurs on national television. Ceaser Emanuel was already a businessman as the owner of his New York City tattoo shop, but starring on VH1's Black Ink Crew has helped him become a mogul. He's planted several other stores around the country and continues to showcase his talents, as well as drama, for reality TV cameras, but it was the recent unraveling of his friendship with Walter Miller that stole attention.

Ceaser told Distractify that it "broke my heart" to learn that Walt was allegedly behind the break-in at his 125th shop. "I never thought Walt would do that to me... It cut deep because it's not no TV sh*t," said Ceaser.

The situation is detailed in the new season of the series where Walt attempted to explain himself. On the show, Puma confronts Walt and tells him it looks like him in the surveillance video, but Walt denies having anything to do with the robbery. "Let me tell you something, Puma, I'm not gonna lie," said Walt. "I did some dumb sh*t by trying to alter pricing on a tattoo and short the shop, expecting to cover it up before it came out. But, unfortunately, the break-in happened and then everything just spilled out."

Puma added that in the video, the person committing the break-in knew where everything was and even walked like Walt. Still, Walt was unmoved and Puma didn't believe him. Ceaser shared a clip from Morgan Freeman's 1989 film Lean on Me where he plays a tough high school principal, and in the video, he was yelling at a troubled student. "You smoke crack don't cha!?" Freeman's character is seen with the label as "Puma," while the tearful student was dubbed "Walt."

Check out the conversation between Puma and Walt below, as well as Ceaser's meme and his announcement that Walt is out of the Black Ink Crew family.