Earlier this week, famed comedian Katt Williams came forward with allegations that fellow renowned comedian Cedric the Entertainer had stolen his joke. In a recent interview with The Morning Hustle, Williams alleges that a joke Cedric told about having to park a large spaceship Cadilac was originally his, adding that it "crushed" him when he saw Cedric perform it. 

"Well, when it initially happened to me, it crushed me just because the comedian was already bigger and more famous than me and he took my closing joke and made it his closing joke on Kings of Comedy," said Williams. On Friday, Cedric took to Instagram to clear up the rumors and deny the accusations. 

“To all my people hitting me about the @kattwilliams commentary, I say no sir!” Cedric wrote in the caption. “That joke has roots, tied into so many other of my jokes….To know me is know (sic) most of my jokes a very similar animated, characters acted out sense of humor.”

He continued by adding, “I’ve had jokes stolen,  I’ve had similar premises to others as well, but that joke has DNA yrs old specifically from Me. Cigarette hanging from the lip and all.” Check out his full response below. 

As for Williams, when asked about if he had ever confronted Cedric about the alleged theft, he explained he had never addressed it. “I’m not that type of comedian. I’m going in your mouth where the joke is when you steal my jokes, and I have a reputation in this industry that if you steal my joke, you’re gonna be missing a tooth or two... I don’t play like that,” he explained. Also, be sure to check out Williams' interview where he made the revelation. 

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