Funnyman Cedric The Entertainer has worked hard to earn himself a place in history as one of the Kings of Comedy. The 55-year-old comedian has kept smiles on people's faces for decades, but not all of his shows were hits. Cedric recently shared the story of what he considered to be his worst show, a moment where he said he thought he had to change who he was in order to get laughs.

“The worst one I’ve ever had, it was actually in New York, but it was more of a corporate situation, it wasn’t a stand up a situation,” Cedric said. “I thought I had to change who I was because I was performing for these people, and I bombed. Then Steve Harvey went on stage and cussed everybody out, and they were dying, and I was like ‘Well, sh*t I didn’t know you could even do that.’” He added. "From then, it was just one of them moments where you learn, just be yourself on stage. Don’t worry about it.”

David Livingston/Getty Images

Some people have argued that comedy has shifted just a bit because they believe society has become more sensitive. “Most comedians they really just don’t worry about it,” Cedric said of comedians remaining politically correct. “They just try to say what’s authentically funny to them and then if they feel if anybody close to you, kinda lets you know you’re over the line, that’s when you kind of tweak the joke...try to make it less. But most comedians at every level that I know, they just write what they’re thinking,” he said. “'Cause that’s the best joke, you gotta be honest and then you have to decide like ‘Okay, will this get me in trouble.’ Then you decide how to tweak it, but not beforehand.”

Two comedians he thinks are naturally funny off stage are his friends Eddie Murphy and George Lopez, but we're sure there are plenty more he could add to that list. Cedric also has a very active career, but there is a dollar amount that would make him leave his career behind: anything between $400 to $500 million.