Cedric the Entertainer has a few choice words for his friend, Russell Simmons, since the founder of Def Jam as stepped down from his biggest company since two women have come forward with sexual assault allegations. 

Just before catching a flight leaving Los Angeles, TMZ asked the Barbershop actor what he thinks off all that's happening to Russell. Cedric knew that something big was going down, but didn't really know the extent since he asked: "what was it sex? Was it minor?"

The camera guy fills him in a bit, referring to Jenny Lumet's allegations where she had sex with Russell in fear that it was the only way to get out of an uncomfortable situation. 

"I've known him for a long time man you just hate to see anybody like that- of course, you know, in this time man if anybody is doing things where a woman can't say no, that's another thing," he says. "You know I got daughters, so you don't want that either but I hate to see a guy who worked so hard loose so much so quickly." 

He adds that hopefully these allegations are just allegations and "we can get to the truth."

As for Cedric's message to Russell, he says "Russ you know I love you man, you know, so hopefully you just keep your head up and get through this situation. God bless and good night."