While Eminem's Kamikaze has earned acclaim on our end, a sentiment echoed by a large contingent of fans, various publications have taken a staunch anti-Shady stance. In fact, the Eminem slander has reached fever pitch, and the once-beloved legend has found himself disrespected by parties who wouldn't dare cast aspersions in the past. A sad state to be sure, but that hasn't stopped Em's supporters from holding it down in his honor. 

In fact, Goodie Mob alumni CeeLo Green has officially weighed in on the neverending GOAT debate, throwing his vote behind Slim. "I think Eminem is the best," he writes, before prompting followers for their thoughts. Seeing as the public perception has shifted against Em, it wouldn't be surprising to see resistance to Green's proclamation. Still, it's cool to see one formidable emcee recognizing another; if you're still sleeping on CeeLo Green, do your homework. The man's legacy runs deep, from Goodie Mob to "Fuck You." A worthy co-sign through and through.