There are few artists in the Rap and Hip hop arena that have had an impact like that of CeeLo Green. The Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley artist's style has made headlines for decades as he often captures attention for wearing full-on gold 'fits on the red carpet or wedding dresses for artistic purposes. CeeLo has faced both praise and criticism over the years, and in a recent interview, he addressed the controversies over his choices.

CeeLo, Radio Interview, Young Thug
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"Sometimes you have to do something exceptional to say that you are," said the rapper. "I felt like I could get away with it and I did. To me, that's when the game is worth watching. I told you I was all about being anti-establishment. I wanna push the f*ckin' envelope off the table." He explains that at the time, Gnarls Barkley had an album titled The Odd Couple (2008), so he and DJ Danger Mouse decided to pose in wedding attire.

CeeLo added that in the alternative rock scene, a man in a dress isn't a big deal, but in Rap and Hip Hop, acceptance isn't as prevalent. He admitted that he didn't receive as much backlash as he expected because where he's from, he's respected and people chose to defend him rather than allow the negativity to spread.

"I feel like I failed because they felt like when [Young Thug] and them did it, they were the first ones to do it," said the rapper. "That's how much people missed out on me doing it first." Overall, CeeLo isn't overly concerned with the opinions of others. "If I don't give f*ck about your opinion what make think I give a f*ck you?"

Watch his interview below.