As soon as Tyga gets himself out of one debt, another one rears its head. The rapper recently paid off his former landlord, although not without first missing his scheduled court appearance and then having an arrest warrant out in his name.

A celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, is taking his cue from T-Raww's once-landlord and using the exact same lawyers to try to finagle some money he's reportedly owed. Jason of Beverly Hills claims that Tyga owes him $200,000 after failing to pay up for a watch and a necklace back in 2013. Photos of each item are in the gallery above.

Jason has already taken Tyga to court and received a $200k judgement, but has yet to receive a dime. Apparently when he heard about Tyga settling his old landlord's debt, he called up those same lawyers, Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon, to help him in his quest.

We'll keep you posted as the matter unfolds.