Celebrities like to engage in random acts of kindness. Whether they want the recognition or they sincerely just want to help people in need, famous figures often take to their social media accounts to surprise the public with random gifts. Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson regularly helps people on Twitter who are in dire circumstances, and a woman who decided to shoot her shot and ask for help got a surprise of a lifetime.

Chad Ochocinco Rent
Gustavo Caballero / Stringer / Getty Images

"You always blessing people.. I know this is a stretch but I need help with my rent, I haven’t paid this month and if I don’t pay today I’m being threatened to be evicted, can you please help??" the fan asked on Twitter. To her shock, Chad replied to her request. "Show me today’s deadline notice & we’ll handle it!!"

The woman then wrote, "Omg.. I didn’t think you would actually respond! Here are texts with me trying to work something out with our offices bookkeeper too." She sent over a photo of the eviction notice along with screenshots of a text message conversation. That's all Chad needed to be convinced. "Sis they got us all the way f*cked up, DM me your zelle & we will pay a few months in advance." Check out the exchange below.