2020 was a sad year in which many of us lost loved ones. It felt like January was kicking off to be an amazing year, but the passing of Kobe Bryant in January was the start of a downhill trend for the rest of the year. The pandemic soon took full hold on the globe, and many of us are just ready for it to be 2021 already. Looking back at the year through Instagram likes, Kobe Bryant and another star we lost too soon, Chadwick Boseman, had the biggest impact. 

The most-liked Instagram post of the year goes to Cristiano Ronaldo, who posted a tribute to the late Diego Maradona earning him 19.7 million likes. Maradona is considered in many circles as the best soccer player of all time. He passed away in November. Chadwick Boseman's official Instagram page announced his passing, and the post got 19.1 million likes, taking second place. Lionel Messi’s tribute post to Maradona is the third most-liked post of the year at16.4 million likes. Kylie Jenner's post celebrating Travis Scott’s birthday along with Stormi took fourth place with 16 million likes. And rounding out the top 5 was LeBron's tribute post to Kobe Bryant, earning 15.5 million likes.