Chadwick Boseman, who stars as T'Challa in the forthcoming Black Panther film, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the project and his experiences leading one of the most anticipated cinematic outings of 2018. 

Ellen brings up how Boseman, a presenter at this year's NAACP awards, was a locus for attention, as guests attending the event couldn't seem to stop coming up to the young actor. Boseman coyly admits that at a certain point in the night, with all the requests for photo opportunities, he began to feel "like a mayor," as if he was the most important man in the room. The actor then admits that he was a bit starstruck when he met Atlanta star Donald Glover, who he deems to be an "icon" and someone who he's looked up to "his entire life."

Boseman then gives a brief synopsis of the film in his own terms, which he basically sums up as T'Challa's return to his homeland in order to appease the rampant "unrest in Wakanda." 

DeGeneres points out co-star Michael B. Jordan's insane physique displayed in the film, with Boseman detailing how the two lead actors trained together in order to build up their warrior-like frames. When asked who was stronger, Boseman very diplomatically responded with "we didn't test strength," much to Ellen's disappointment.

The talkshow host also asked Boseman if he felt any pressure when filming Marvel's latest instalment, who admits that during filming he felt a burden in carrying such an important film on his shoulders. His reasoning was because the film was entirely different that anything he's ever done before, in both scale and scope. 

The interview also introduces a new clip from the film, which sees T'Challa riding on top of a sports car as it tries to dodge an opponent shooting bullets at him. Watch the clip, and highlights of the interview below: