Chance the Rapper and his long-time part, Kirsten Corley, are getting their house in order before tying the knot. The couple is seeking to modify the court-ordered custody arrangement stipulated in their 2017 settlement and is returning to court to formally address the issue. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, a new petition regarding the terms of their agreement was added to the custody case originally filed by Corley in 2016.

On January 29, Corley and Chance, whose real name is Chancellor Bennett, began the process toward changing the terms in relation to child support for their daughter, Kensli, and decision-making authority. The documents state: “The parties acknowledge and stipulate that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred such that the financial, decision-making, and parenting time provisions of the parties Allocation Judgment are no longer in the minor child’s best interest.”

A hearing is scheduled for February 14, 2019, after which a judge is expected to approve their request.

Bennett and Corley's romantic relationship began in 2013 and halted in 2016. The separation prompted the young mother to initiate the custody case in question. In July 2018, Chance surprised his girlfriend during a family BBQ and proposed on one knee. Their wedding date has yet to be announced publicly.