Chance The Rapper has given Chicago's Whirly Ball nothing but praise in the past, but today, he's made serious accusations against the recreational center, accusing the establishment of employing a racist dress code among other criticisms.

For those unfamiliar, Whirly Ball is a sport that combines elements of hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and most importantly, bumper cars, and has been one of Chance's favorite pastimes, as he's explained in various interviews. His recent string of tweets suggests that new management may be the reason for his recent negative experience at the space, as he claims that black customers are not being treated fairly. "Don't go to @WhirlyBall it's very inaccessible if you're black or friends with black people, they've clearly outlined in their dress code," he wrote, adding, "Been coming here for awhile, this new management doesn't know how to treat customers." Later, he points out that the dress code is available on the official Whirly Ball website, and therefore applies to all locations, not just the Chicago space where he had this experience.

So far, Whirly Ball has not responded to Chance's criticisms. They have previously thanked the rapper for his praise on Twitter. We will update as the story develops.

Read Chance's tweets (and corresponding retweets) below.