This is supposed to be a beautiful time in Chance The Rapper's life. The Chi Town rapper just proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley. In the midst of the joy, Chance finds himself clapping back at a fan after he commented on his proposal's style, calling it "extra hot smelly trash." The Twitter user, @Its_RianM, felt the proposal lacked effort considering the fact that the couple already has a child together. Apparently, Corley deserved better as a baby-mama.

Chance was not having it. A few hours later, he replied to the original poster telling him to "get off his d*ck." In his mind, the random dude was trying to be funny but still took it upon himself to clarify that the opinion was unnecessary. 

After @Its_RianM posted a screenshot of the comment, Chance The Rapper took the keyboard warrior battle to the fan's DM. “You have expectations for my personal life, but you don’t have access to my life in that way that would ever allow you to understand any of the emotions evoked by me and my fiancee getting engaged in the place we did.” The critical fan remains unimpressed with the exchange and lets the world know.