Now that numerous big markets are out of the NBA playoffs, we have seen various celebrities pop up in cities you wouldn't expect them to spend time in. The best example of this is Milwaukee where the Bucks are currently in the Eastern Conference Finals. After losing Game 1 to the Atlanta Hawks, the Bucks came through with a massive blowout win in Game 2 on Friday night. Giannis Antetokounmpo had a tremendous first half and with his team up by 40 in the second half, he was taken out of the game for the entire fourth quarter.

Chance the Rapper was in attendance for the game and he could be seen sitting courtside as the Bucks played their best game of the postseason. Afterward, Chance got to meet Giannis near the Bucks locker room where he offered a congratulatory message to the Greek Freak.

“Thank you for that show, man. That was insane,” Chance said per USA Today. Chance certainly has a point as Giannis and the Bucks seemed like men on a mission after losing Game 1. Giannis has never been to the NBA Finals and he seems as motivated as ever to get there.

With the series heading back to Atlanta, we will certainly see plenty of big names in attendance, and it should make for an interesting atmosphere.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images