Though Budden and Chance have since proven to be amicable, it doesn't stop Joey from putting Chance in the hot seat where Kanye West is concerned. After pressing him to shade Yeezy's recent musical output, Chance reluctantly admits that Ye was not particularly to his liking. Still, Chance makes it clear that Ye was among the most influential figures of his career, and he made sure to raise the subject of Good Ass Job during the early stages of their relationship. After explaining how his presence helped shed some "light" on The Life Of Pablo's thematic darkness, he proceeds to reveal the long and uncertain road toward making a collaborative album happen. 

"I had talked to Ye when I was in Wyoming about making this project happen. He was like, 'Yeah, we'll do a project together,'" reveals Chance. "He came to Chicago and on his third day he told me - way before he made the announcement, weeks before - he was like, 'I'm never leaving.' Before that, he hadn't really posted a lot of sh*t about him being in Chicago, so it was very secretive." Afterward, news of a collaborative album began to emerge, and fans were finally convinced that Kanye West's Good Ass Job would be delivered at long-last, albeit with Chance The Rapper's involvement. 

While it seemed like smooth sailing, Chance has since cast a shadow of doubt over the ongoing narrative. "As the attention started to grow around it, it kinda made me realize that Good Ass Job was more of a later thing, that he's still working on himself and Yandhi," says Chance. Joe Budden seems skeptical that the album will ever see the light of day. "By the time Kanye get around to Good Ass Job, will it be worth it still?"  Chance's response does not bode well. "I don't know."