Top 50 fever left many a rapper perturbed, especially when they found themselves omitted. Such was a reality faced by Chance The Rapper, during a recent conversation with Hot 97's Ebro, Rosenberg, and Laura. After Ebro brings up the viral Top 50 lists that have been making the waves, Chance is quick to hit him with the hard questions. "Did you put me on your Top 50?" he asks, quite possibly already knowing the answer. "You didn't make top 50 right now," replies Ebro, prompting an incredulous glare from Chano. "You didn't put me on your top 50 list!?" he cries, his brow furrowing. "N***a what!?!" 

Ebro claps back, equally stunned. "It's just not possible," he maintains, prompting Chance to dole out his hottest take yet. "N***a I'm top 5," claims Chance. Rosenberg is reduced to pure glee at Chance's response: "why are all rappers the same!?" At this table, every statement is concluded with an exclamation mark and or a question mark; it's simply one of those discussions. As if it wasn't contentious enough, Chano narrows his window a tad, claiming "he's definitely not five."  

Ebro's eyes light up as he retorts. "I think you're amazing as a rapper. I think you have a long career ahead of yourself. You are not, in my opinion, top 50." Luckily, it doesn't appear that Chance is going to hold it against him. At the slightest mention of Q-Tip, Chano can't help but marvel at the rapper's height and muscle mass. "He beats motherfuckas up too!" Whether you agree with Chance's assessment of self or not, you've gotta respect the moxie.