Kanye West's "Life Of Pablo" has inspired many a hot take (and quite a few full length reviews) since dropping less than 48 hours ago, and while opinions have run in all different directions, most fans and critics have agreed that "Ultralight Beam" is pretty damn awesome.

Chance The Rapper's verse has been one of the more talked-about aspects of the LP, and thanks to Genius, Chance has now given us a bit of insight into certain lines and the making of the song.

Chance confirmed that -- as one early tracklist (and by early, we mean from 2 weeks ago) suggested -- the song was originally recorded as the LP's closing track, which inspired his line, "Just throw this at the end if I'm too late for the intro". 

He also elaborates on the line where he compares himself to Harriet Tubman, as well as co-signing a few thoughts on the song from fans.

You can check out all of his annotations here.