Things haven't quite been the same since beloved celebrity prank show, Punk'd, went off the air. Famous people just don't get hoodwinked and bamboozled like they used to, when Ashton Kutcher would orchestrate horrifying (and hilarious) scenarios for stars to get caught up in before pulling up the curtain to reveal the ruse. The show was a hit on MTV from 2003-2007, when Ashton was the full-time host and the naive stars of yesteryear didn't know any better. From 2007-2015, the show would occasionally air with different celebrities guest-hosting episodes, and Ashton would even revisit the Punk'd set from time to time to stir up some fresh chaos. The past four or so years have felt a little calmer since it officially went off the air, but former fans of the show are in for a major treat, because Punk'd is returning to television with a brand new host.

Chance The Rapper has officially signed on to host the infamous prank series, which will be reimagined for a new generation. The rapper will be at the helm of all of the theatrics, carrying out hoaxes on A-listers as the hidden cameras capture all of the action. The reboot will air on the short-form content streaming service Quibi, the first entertainment platform designed specifically for your phone. Quibi is set to launch on April 6th, but there's no word yet on when the series itself will premiere. The celebrity targets will be announced at a later date as well, although it's been revealed that a certain Hot Girl has already fallen victim to Chance's Punk'd antics. In a teaser video, Megan Thee Stallion is shown coming across "an actual gorilla" while driving with her crew, as Chance watches it all unravel in a fit of laughter behind the scenes.

Punk’d is one of MTV’s most iconic franchises,” Chance shared in a press release. “I grew up watching this show and it’s surreal to be in the driver’s seat this time around on Quibi.” The streaming service will feature original content from Hollywood’s biggest stars, including 50 Cent's superhero animated series, Trill League, and Zac Efron's upcoming adventure series, Killing Zac Efronwhich actually did almost kill him.