Last month Chance The Rapper  married the love of his life, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, and then the couple announced that they are expecting their second child. After zipping off on their honeymoon, the duo is now back to reality and the "Cocoa Butter Kisses" music maker has shared a post on Instagram, thanking his wife for allowing him to go full steam ahead in completing his debut alum. 

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Image

Accompanying a photo that sees a fridge full of pink lemonade, Chance writes a lengthy caption detailing how happy he's been in the past few weeks. "My wife gave me the go ahead to put everything else on hold and really go to work on my debut album. Its been a lil hard at times, I obviously miss Chicago and family and working on other stuff, but there truly is no joy like making a project. Somehow I always forget that i’m so, so good at this," he wrote. 

"Yall should thank Kirsten cause she dont gotta share me wit NOBODY," he aded. "But she knows what i do and is handling this pregnancy and our family with so much grace. Babe I have to appreciate u supporting me all these years and I swear i can’t wait to get juked on to these new songs."