Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are set to go head to head with each other in an exhibition boxing match on June 6th. Considering Mayweather doesn't have anything to lose in terms of his 50-0 standing, the match is more of a scrimmage for the boxing legend than anything. Still, to build up anticipation for the event, the pair came together for a customary press conference yesterday (May 7) ahead of the event.

While the event went smoothly, perhaps the most intriguing part came when Paul snatched Mayweather's hat off. From there, Mayweather and his security go after Paul, with Mayweather eventually putting him into a headlock. Many photos from the physical altercation have circulated the internet, with Charlamagne tha God wasting no time giving them meme treatment. 

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Sharing a black and white photo from the altercation of Floyd reaching for Paul in the moments after grabbing his hat, the controversial radio presenter joked, "I’m a tell my kids this was Selma in 1965."

He continued, "A turning point in the Civil Rights Movement they knucked, we bucked....." Reaching nearly 150,000 likes, the popular meme format elects using funny photos for a modern retelling of history. 

The Selma March in March of 1965 notably turned violent after 600 or so protestors faced brutal attacks on the Edmund Pettus Bridge by oncoming state troopers. Footage of the attacks collectively shocked the nation and became a turning point for Civil Rights in the United States.  

Check out clips from the altercation above and below if you haven't seen them already.