On a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden and his co-hosts discussed the rumors that Charlamagne Tha God was preparing to leave The Breakfast Club soon. Recently, Budden was on The Breakfast Club with State of the Culture, which is where Charla believes the podcaster is basing his opinion from, but he has officially addressed the rumors on a new episode of The Brilliant Idiots.

Charlamagne Tha God previously revealed that his contract for the radio show expires in December 2020, but he hasn't said whether or not he will extend his deal. According to him, the rumors are neither true nor false.

"A lot of people ran with what I said in that interview and they did articles on it and stuff like that," said Charlamagne Tha God on his podcast with Andrew Schulz. "You know what I be more concerned about? I don't like the misinformation about platforms, whether it's The Brilliant Idiots or The Breakfast Club. I saw Joe say that and I was looking at YouTube comments and seeing people say 'Brilliant Idiots isn't that successful' and I'm like, that's so disrespectful because it just shows me how misinformed people are."

Charlamagne Tha God didn't say much about the status of his contract discussions with The Breakfast Club, but he surely isn't pressed for a new platform. Brilliant Idiots has racked up over 80+ million listens, which is absolutely successful. He also defends how relevant The Breakfast Club is, which is something that Mal argued against on the Budden podcast.

Listen to what he had to say below at the 1:16:46.