Between his positions on The Breakfast Club and the Andrew Schulz-assisted Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne Tha God has never been one to hold his tongue. Especially on the latter, where Tha God has free reign to vent his frustrations for an extended period of time. As fans know, Charlamagne isn't exactly ready and willing to cape for the Democratic party and will call them out when he feels a foul has occurred.

Charlamagne Tha God Joe Biden

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

During a recent episode of Brilliant Idiots, Charlamagne expressed annoyance with the Biden campaign's recent battle-rap themed ad, which featured appearances from DNA and Charlie Clips. Citing the backlash faced by the recent "BreonnaCon" event that transpired in Kentucky, Charlamagne praised the organizers for actually stepping up and putting in the work. "They doing the work," explains Tha God. "If you think that's lame, but you're okay with Joe Biden hiring battle rappers to campaign for him, you're being a hypocrite."

Schulz goes on to deem Biden's battle-rap ad one of the "most pathetic videos he's ever seen in his life," with Charlamagne echoing the same displeasure. "I think it's disgusting," says Charla. "What-a-fuckin-idiot definitely goes to the Biden campaign. And I know ya'll get upset with me cause you think I'm always on the Biden campaign's ass, but it really does bother me how bad Democrats fumble the goddamn ball." For what it's worth, the pair proceed to maintain that they're harder on the people they support, so the criticism tends to get highlighted. 

"Stop all the gimmicks, stop all the fucking pandering, put the tangibles on the table for the black community," continues Charlamagne. "That's how you will energize the black community to come vote. Not doing battle rap ads. No disrespect to Charlie Clips and DNA cause they did a phenomenal job as they always do, but the fact the campaign went to them to do that is weak to me. If they had did that on their own and it was organically done, I'd respect it."

Check out Charlamagne's take on the Biden battle-rap ad below, taking place around the forty-four-minute mark.