Charlamagne Tha God has been known to pay the "troll toll" on occasion. While his scathing insight and "anybody can get it" mentality have made him one of hip-hop's defining media voices, it can be difficult to assess when Charlamagne is being sincere or simply taking the piss. One thing is certain, however. Charlamagne enjoys stirring the pot, especially if he can poke fun at white people in the process. Today, Tha God has taken aim at a sacred caucasian institution: The Beatles, whom many have dubbed the greatest band in the world. Far be it for me to defend Radiohead's honor in this particular context, for that is another debate entirely. 

In any case, Charlamagne has taken to Twitter to share his analysis. "The @Migos winning best pop rock group or duo is the final evidence needed to prove to all white people that they are better than the Beatles," writes Tha God, arguably putting way too much stock in the value of an American Music Award. Now, it's certainly possible to say The Migos are objectively better than The Beatles, though it seems a curious analogy, given their places in their respective cultures; you'd think a formative hip-hop group might be the most appropriate Beatles analogue. Yet Donald Glover has opened the door for Migos and the Beatles to be forever linked within the zeitgeist.

Charlamagne elaborated on his stance on The Breakfast Club, though he technically switched his verbiage from "better" to "bigger." "Does John Lennon have a solo album?" asks Tha God, prompting Angela Yee to respond with "...yes." "Quavo is bigger than John Lennon," says Tha God, doubling down. "You don't need a Yoko Ono when you got Saweetie."