Charlamagne Tha God Details His Radio Come-Up, Most Memorable Interviews & More

Rose Lilah
November 15, 2017 11:28

THE PLUG INTERVIEW: Charlamagne Tha God discusses his grind, The Breakfast Club, his day-to-day routine, The Brilliant Idiots, Joe Budden and so much more.

Charlamagne Tha God is slowly but surely becoming a celebrity in his own right. He's known for interviewing all your favorite rappers, and sometimes celebrities outside of the rap world, often prodding and pocking with so much blatant honesty it hurts (the artist, that is). He's developed a unique voice and perspective on just about any and everything, and he's gone beyond just sharing his opinions as part of the banter on The Breakfast Club, he's cemented his own brand of wisdom in book-form, with Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. As he conquers more and more avenues outside of simply acting as one of the three anchors on The Breakfast Club, he's laying out the blueprint for those who want to come up behind him. After having his co-host, DJ Envy, sit down for our in-depth interview series The Plug, it was only right to have Charlamagne take part as well (Angela Yee, we're coming for you, wink wink, nudge nudge).

Charlamagne Tha God gives us an insightful interview, kicking it off with a dose of "AKAs" that would make Desus and Mero proud. The interview runs the gamut of his ventures: The Breakfast Club, The Brilliant Idiots, Black Privilege, and TV stints. Within that spectrum, there's a lot of content to devour, as Charlamagne shares his general comeuppance from the infamous (only 'cause he made it so) Moncks Corner, South Carolina to the now-massive Power 105.1 morning show.

"Numbers-wise this is our biggest year ever, we're averaging like 4 million daily listeners or something crazy like that, it's a testament to the fact that we've just been consistent, people know we're a brand they can trust for just good, quality entertainment," Charlamagne says of The Breakfast Club's seven-year grind to get to where it is.

From there, he delves into some advice-sharing a la Black Privilege, things such as, "fuck your dreams" (if it's not the right dream), advice for any would-be interviewers, and the creation of the Brilliant Idiots podcast (which I highly recommend if it's not already in your Podcast library-- sidenote, he reveals its getting some sort of animated show). When asked about his favorite interviews, he settles on focusing on the past year, naming one with breakout actress Tiffany Haddish as his favorite this year (it was great), and the interview with 21 Savage as a memorable of-all-time interview.

If you want to jump to a specific section, check out the breakdown with timestamps below. Who should we have on The Plug next?? Let us know.


Origins 0:27

Moncks Corner 3:31

Misconceptions about radio 5:11

Easiest part of the job 9:28

Fuck your dream 10:56

Advice for interviewers 13:02

Interview preparation 15:32

Current day to day 18:18

Brilliant idiots podcast 19:10

Advice for podcasters 21:34

Favorite Interviews 23 14

New Wave 26:44

Interview wishlist 30:17

Editing Interviews 31:33

Future Plans 33:32

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