Charlamagne Tha God is once again spilling the tea on what Kanye West is cooking up in the studio. The famed radio host paid a visit to Brilliant Idiots (the podcast) to talk about his most recent meet up with Yeezy, talking about his anticipated seven-track tape that's set to drop on June 1st. “So, the new stuff, you think it’s similar to Life of Pablo, Yeezus?” host Andrew Schulz asked. “Is it bars? Is it ballads?”

“I think it’s similar to, like, ‘socially conscious’ Ye—‘message’ Ye,” he says in the video below. "You know, like on Pablo he had like "Real Friends"; that shit was about something. It was about fake friends and who you’re real friends are. He’s on that vibe. He’s talking about real shit. Not to saying he don’t always rap about real shit.”

His "real shit" could have a lot to do with his mental state where Charlamagne assures Andrew that he's in a good place. "He's in a very good space and he's not shying away from discussing mental health," the Breakfast Club host says. He adds how he and Kanye talked about meds, therapy and more. explaining his hopes for Kanye to veer away from Twitter to talk about it in full. 

Check out the full interview below.