The tension between Charlamagne Tha God and LaKeith Standfield reached new heights after The Breakfast Club host took subtle verbal jabs at the actor. The two have traded words, albeit indirectly, after Charlamagne called out Standfield back in 2019 over his criticisms of Black media. The two haven't been actively going back and forth since then, but when Daniel Kaluuya sat down with the radio show to talk about his role in Judas and The Black Messiah, Charlamagne stirred the pot by mentioning his co-star.

Later, Stanfield shared a strange gun-weilding post that involved a photo of Charlamagne, and soon, the radio show host spoke about the actor being about "to dish it but not take it." After the clip of Charlamagne's follow-up circulated online, he hopped in The Shade Room's comments to further explain himself.

"I wish y’all would have kept the most important part of this video in and that’s when I said Pray for that brother and please get that brother some help," he wrote. "He’s clearly got some issues that he needs to deal with. Waving a gun at someone’s picture on social media when you on the verge of being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood is not normal. Law enforcement is always monitoring these sites waiting for us to slip up. The people who love him need to get that brother some help."

Some responded that Charlamagne seemed to be taking digs instead of applauding both Kaluuya and Stanfield's performances. "I absolutely did congratulate him," wrote Charlamagne. "Said he did a phenomenal job and him and Daniel should win all the awards. Literally said that to Daniel in the same exact interview."

Check it out below.

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