Who's ready for Round 2? Yesterday, Charlamagne Tha God's comment about Drake, and whether or not it's still his "era", sparked debates across the internet and social media. According to the hip-hop media personality, Drake may not have "another gear", which is the reason why Charla is not looking forward to Drake's new album Certified Lover Boy

After all of that, Charlamagne is back with another hot take, claiming that he doesn't place J. Cole on the same level as Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In fact, he doesn't even put Drake on the same level as Kendrick, but that's beyond the point. The comment that is getting the most attention is the one about Cole not being on the same level as those two.

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Suggesting that Drake and Kendrick are two of the greatest of all-time, and speaking about Big Sean's place in history, Charlamagne continued by saying this about J. Cole:

"[Big Sean] just happens to be in an era where some would say the greatest of all-time is, right? You would have to put Drake and Kendrick [Lamar] in the greatest of all-time combo, right? When you play in that era, when you come out in that class with GOATs of that caliber, and even [J.] Cole. Cole got rings but-- I don't put him on the level of Drake and Kendrick. I don't even put Drake on the level of Kendrick. Skill-wise. Cole is dope. Cole is amazing. I'm not taking anything away from him, he's a hall of fame all-star. All I'm saying is it's a difference between what a Kendrick does and what everybody else does to me. But guess what? Some people may say that about Drake, some people may have Drake the way I have Kendrick and say everybody else is after him, but my point with saying that is those two guys are such GOATs that they make everybody else look almost normal. Charles Barkley looks normal to a Michael Jordan."

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Once again, this begs the question, which it feels like we've been asking for years. Is J. Cole on the same level as Drake and Kendrick? Or is he one step below?

Watch Charlamagne Tha God discuss with Wayno and Nyla on the Brilliant Idiots podcast below at the 24:25 mark.

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