Charlamagne Tha God has been put through the wringer since sexual assault allegations resurfaced this year. The public figure finds strength in his religious convictions and has generously shared his latest inspiration with his social media following.

The author uploaded a video clip of a sermon by Steven Furtick. It addresses the perception of challenges in one's life. Charlamagne seems to identify with the message wholeheartedly according to his caption: "Energy I’m Forever On. Thank You for this word @stevenfurtick."

In the clip, Furtick explains how resistance in one's life could be proof of their righteousness.

"All of your life, you've taken all of the resistance as a sign that there must be something wrong with you. But what if it's exactly [...what if the reason for the resistance in your life right now is that you have a reputation with the devil and he heard about you? What if there was a meeting about you [...representing the kingdom of God in such a powerful and profound way that the devil had to dispatch something to see what you are made of?

This is surely one way to contextualized hardship. Charlamagne will be sharing his own thoughts on how to conquer fear in his next book.