Charlamagne tha God might come off as having a false sense of righteousness to some, however, the man sure knows how to pick his sources of information and wisdom. He is also gracious enough to share it to his following. Today, he posted a short clip from a conversation held between to greats, Arsenio Hall and Barry White. 

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The video captures a part of Barry's perspective on life as he explains the importance of responsibility. View the full Issac Hayes-featured after the jump.

"People tend to play down our power. Don't worry about it, this next guy will do it or let's ask God above to do it. There's a lot of things that need to change on planet earth that only we can change. And until we embrace the fact that we are as powerful as we are as beings, we're going to continue to make the mistake and allow the mistakes to be made, from our children to adults to our elderly, to whatever situation you wanna talk about." 

Charlamagne acknowledges the value of such wisdom in his caption: "This the kind of free jewelry we used to get on the @arseniohall show. You have to be of a certain age to remember Barry White sitting on that couch with Issac Hayes. RIP to both these legends!!"

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