#SurvivingRKelly has been trending online since the Lifetime documentary series debuted and the conversation is continuing past the production's finale. The series' producer, dream hampton, has been generous with her time answering questions and responding to criticism. One of the concerns that were brought to her attention concern Charlamagne Tha God's appearance. Since the radio personality had recently dealt with accusations of sexual assault, social media users are questioning his inclusion in a documentary meant to highlight the issue of sexual misconduct. Some of these responses of disappointment and confusion are available below.

dream acknowledged the mistake swiftly. "He was asked because he’s been so clear and vocal with his criticism and condemnation of R Kelly," she stated via Twitter. "He was interviewed before the story abt him broke. I tweeted an apology a few mins ago explaining I didn’t see his old tweets until I was tagged with them tonight."

The tweet she reffered to reads as follows: "I’m just seeing Charlamagne’s 2010 tweet tonight. I interviewed him before the story abt him broke but should have cut him altogether, rather than limit his appearance. It was a huge mistake. I prob spent more time arguing to cut Bruce. Again, mistake. #SurvivingRKelly."